Marias Recipes

Recipe of the Month

Cretan ‘Tsigariasto’ with lamb

1 kilo lamb cut into small pieces

half cup olive oil Apollonia



Oregano Apollonia

1 vegetable cube

I put the oil in the pot to warm up after i add the lamb after i have washed it very well

I add salt , pepper and much Apollonia Oregano.

I start cooking the lamb very good from all the sides like i cook it in pan.

After i put the vegetable cube and  i pour water in the pot until the middle

I let it boil for about one hour in low fire , but i have to be careful not to be dry.

We serve it with potatoes.

Recipe of the Week

Cake with Apollonia Olive Oil Nuts and Raisins

1 cup of Olive Oil Apollonia

4 eggs

2 cups sugar

1 cup milk

2 vanilla

1 package raising flour of

1 tablespoon cinnamon

half cup walnuts lightly crushed

a cup raisins

I take a bowl and i pour some Apollonia olive oil  with sugar and i mix it until it becomes a soft cream

Afterwards i put the eggs and the vanillas and i mix them for 2 minutes and i put some milk slowly.

After that i complete my mix with flour and cinnamon.

I mix them 3-4 minutes. When mixing is done we add raisins and nuts and we mix them with a spoon.

I put olive oil and flour in the cake form i bake the cake in pre-warmed oven  in 200 Celsius degrees for 45 minutes.