The history of Cretan land and kitchen begins many years ago. Its the continue of the tradition that starts from Minoan ages and lasts until today. Archeologists have discovered that ancient Cretans , the Minoans was consuming the same products about 4000 years ago like the modern Cretan does.
In the palaces of the Minoan page , big jars found for the olive oil , the nuts and the honey. In various pictorial , we can see the magnificent world of Cretan plants and herbs.

During the Byzantine period Cretans maintain their habits and cuisine of urban families delight in complex dishes, which offered excellent taste. The rural population continues to support the survival in nature: the herbs , wrists, legumes, the olives and olive oil. All this however, enriched by the power of the fertile imagination. Could cook products in many ways and make them tasty and delicious.

While the centuries passing the history of olives and olive oil are linked to the long history of Crete thousands of years ago that founded Western culture and delimited European history.

It is reported that the olive was cultivated in Crete around 3000 BC

Many scientists in their conferences worldwide are decisive and clear. The dominant feature of this healthy diet is olive oil, the elixir of good health, physical strength, and longevity is the gold seed of Crete is the main factor and protector for many centuries of health and longevity of Cretans, since according to surveys the incidence of heart disease and cancer in Crete is less than in other regions and this is due to regular consumption of olive oil.

Its proven that the olive oil helps :
-In Prevention of cardiovascular diseases,it reduces bad cholesterol while firmly maintaining the levels of good cholesterol or raising

-At Proper metabolism of the human body and brain development and children’s bones. It is also a source of vitamin D for children and adults which in combination with monounsaturated fatty acids it contains causes aging retardation.

-In the absorption of vitamins from the body due to the polyphenols it contains.

-In Prevention hardening of the arteries

-In Improvement of the functioning of the liver and halts the stone creating bile.

-In the management of diabetes.

-In Strengthen the body against cancer. Many people believe that oil is more fattening than the seed oils. But it is proven that all oils have the same caloric value, 9KCAL / gr. It should also be emphasized that in contrast to the virgin olive oil , seed oils produced by chemical means. This nutritional and therapeutic value was known in Greece 6,000 years ago. The oldest mill found in the plateau of Methana by Deffner at 4000 BC

Its uses in addition to diet were many:

-After they flavored it with herbs (coriander, saffron, cardamom, rope, cumin, fennel, etc.) it was packaged in special amphorae some and exported to all Mediterranean countries. Also it was given as award at ammounts quantities up to 5.000 lit the winners of competitions in special amphorae depicting the contest winner. Athletes was spread it over their body to make their muscles more elastic.
In Hippocratis Medical Code found more than 60 medicinal uses of olive oil.