If people lived and eat healthy there would be no disease”,said Hippocrates.
2500 years ago, the father of medicine, noted the inextricable relationship between human health and diet.A balanced diet requires herbs and an edible variety of flora. Since antiquity, people have sought food and medicines from mother earth.
Today, medicine has turned its gaze to the Mediterranean basin; particularly in areas such as Greece (specific regions include Crete, Peloponnese, Macedonia and the Greek islands).
A real treasure for human health is the olive oil; this divine product combined with herbs and vegetables can contribute to a healthy diet.
The ecologic and health benefits of the Mediterranean diet have a reputation for being a model of health nourishing and contributing better health and quality of life. We have adopted a green vision that will lead people to healthier eating habits and outstanding culinary delights. The scientists documented views on healthy eating and the desire for better taste has inspired our company to deal without preservatives that give good health-longevity and fantastic flavors.

The evolution of the traditional Greek diet originates in nature. The target of our company is to show respect to human beings and nature on the whole. As a company we strongly believe that the future will be organic, so we encourage all our local farmers to convert to organic crops so as to benefit the health of all of us in the best way.The perfect taste and wonderful golden color turns to a better selection of the most demanding consumer.