What matters the most for our health is eating right. If we would pay a little bit more attention in the quality of our food we could easily ad 10-25 years to our life. Apollonia Cretan traditional Products tries to do exactly that, bring you one step closer to healthy and quality nutrition.

How do we accomplish that?

Apollonia has created a network on the Island of Crete reaching even the most remote village to find the products we need. We have set very high standards (purity of our products) and driven by quality rather the cost we choose our Products very carefully.

How we maintain our quality?

With constant quality testing following strict international quality standards. Our understanding with our producers is that we are always present at these procedures and many times we have our own production within their productions, that means we have productions based on quality and not only on the cost. That keeps our quality on high standards. Something the producers don’t always do.

Trying to keep a relatively small stock of our products so it is always fresh under constant control from the very first to the very last step till the product reaches the self’s.

With all the above and keeping the cost of Packaging low we accomplish to reach our goals. So that the consumer can up make is own mind and really know what he is buying and what he eats.